Cut the Bittersweet to Save the Trees

The Park needs your help. This fallen oak tree near the walking trail is an otherwise healthy tree killed by the invasive Oriental Bittersweet plant. There’s a lot of Bittersweet at Roberts Field, and it’s a fast growing vine that quickly grows into the tree canopy and either chokes or topples the trees.

To help, contact Katie Messer, Town Conservation Agent (978-250-5248) or me and we will meet you at Roberts Field and point out the affected trees and vines, and show you the right way to cut them. Or bring your loppers to a Work Event at the Park on Saturday, Jan 28th from 10am – noon, and we can work on it together. Snow date Sat, Feb 4th, 10am – noon.

Now is a great time to cut Bittersweet because the vines are easy to see. Just contact us to meet (or comment below), or join us Saturday, January 28th and help save the trees at Roberts Field..

For more information please comment below, contact Bill Askenburg at, or call the Town Conservation Agent’s office at (978)250-5248. 😀 Thank you!

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